CB-7/0.20MMX4C : Tinted Full Copper Alarm Cable

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Conductor Stranded Tinned copper wire
Insulation PVC type TI-I
Sheath PVC type TI-I
Conductor Number of Copper Wires 7
Diameter of Single Copper Wire 0.20mm ± 0.005mm
Insulation Thickness of Insulation 0.29mm ± 0.03mm
Diameter of Insulation 1.18mm ± 0.05mm
Color of Insulation Red, White, Green & Black
Sheath Thickness of Sheath 0.68mm ± 0.05mm
Color of Sheath as request
Overall Diameter of Complete Cable 4.25mm ± 0.15mm
Overall Diameter of Complete Cable 70°C
Voltage 50V r.m.s
Conductor Resistance (Max.) 92 Ω/km
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