CTR-D10-TURBO : CENTURION Industrial Sliding Gate Motor

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Technical Specification
Input Voltage 220V AC +/-10% @ 50Hz
Motor Voltage 24V DC
Motor Power Supply 2 Battery-driven (Standard capacity – 2 x 7Ah)
Battery Charger D10CHGRV02 – 1.8A @ 27.4V +/- 1%
Current Consumption (Mains Supply) 250mA
Current Consumption (Motor Load / Peak Load) 8/15A
Current Consumption (Quiescent Load) 80mA
Operator Push Force
Starting 20kgf
Rated 15kgf
Gate Mass – Maximum 240kg
Gate Length – Maximum 50m
Gate Speed – m/min 43 – 51m/min
Gate speed – mm/sec 717 – 850mm/sec
Drive Pinion 20T Module 4
Maximum Daily Cycle 750 cycles/day
Design Life 250 000 cycles
Operations in standby with standard battery 4, 5
Half Day 120 cycles
Full Day 100 cycles
Collision Sensing Electronic
Operating Temperature Range -15°C to +50°C
Degree Of Protection IP54
Controller Incorporated D-Series_24
Onboard Receiver Type NOVA code-hopping onboard, multichannel
Receiver Frequency 433.92Hz
Receiver Code Storage Capacity 500 transmitter buttons
Mass Of Unit Packed 13kg
Packaging Dimensions Length:355mm x Width: 288mm x Height: 485mm
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2019-02-13 CTR-D10-TURBO Product Catalog PDF