CTR-D5-EVO : CENTURION Domestic And Light-Industrial Sliding Motor

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Technical Specification
Input Voltage 90V – 240V AC
+/-10% @ 50Hz1
Battery Charger Amperage Output
(Dependant On PSU Input Voltage)
Input Output
90V AC 1A
240V AC 2.2A
Maximum Numbers Of Operations Per Day 150
Duty Cycle – Mains Present 2,3 50%
Motor Voltage 12V DC
Current Consumption (Motor At Rated Load) Battery-driven (standard capacity – 12V 7Ah)4
Motor Push Force – Starting 30kgf
Motor Push Force – Rated 17kgf
Gate Mass – Maximum 500kg
Gate Length – Maximum 100m
Gate Speed (Varies With Load) 18 – 22m/min
Manual Override 45%
Operations In Standby With 2x 7Ah Batteries Half Day 44
Full Day 35
Collision Sensing Electronic
Operating Temperature Range -15°C to +50°C
Onboard Receiver Type CENTURION code-hopping multichannel
Receiver Code Storage Capacity 500 transmitter buttons
Receiver Frequency 433MHz
Mass Of Unit Packed (With Standard Kit But Excl. Rack And Battery) 10kg
Packaging Dimensions (With Standard Kit But Excl. Rack And Battery) 303mm Wide x 231mm Deep x 432mm High
Date Title Type Download
2018-11-01 CTR-D5-EVO PDF