IDG-PF-ACE100 : IDGARD Single Zone Electric Fence 5J Energizer

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Fence Monitor YES
Gate (aux.) Monitor YES
Earth Line Monitor YES
Siren Driver YES
Strobe Driver YES
Armed Response YES
On/Off Reset Key YES
Remote Control Option YES
Battery Backup YES
Keypad LCD Optional
Keypad LED Optional
Programmable YES
Smartlink NO
Security YES
Decreased Power Setting YES
Switch Mode Power Supply YES
Number of Zones 1
Stored Energy 8J
Output Energy 500ohm 5J
Output Voltage Max. 9kv
Output Voltage Min. 5kv
Backup Time Max. 12hrs
Backup Time Min. 7hrs
Battery Volts 12v
Battery Capacity 7Ah
Mains Power 220vac
Pulse Period 1-1.5s
Pulse Width 0.3ms
Alarm Delay 4s/prog
Siren Time Out prog
Recommended Live Wire Distance
1.2mm S/Steel 2km
1.2mm Braided Galvanised 6km
2.24mm Galvanised 8km
Date Title Type Download
2018-09-01 IDG-PF-ACE100 Product Catalog PDF