G-DC-M100 : RANGER DC24V Sliding Gate Motor

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Item Description
Driving method Rack and pinion of module 4
Operating volatage DC24 for normal speed
DC12V for cushioning speed
Max Output Power 150W
Gate Speed High Speed 30cm/sec
Low Speed 15cm/sec
Super Low Speed 5cm/sec
Max linear speed 30cm/sec
Max Weight of Gate 600kg
Max Length of Gate 10 meter
DSPS Device Rotary magnetic sensor
Gearbox Oil bath worm type reducer
Safety Clutch Electronic current sensing
Backup Battery 12V 7AH
Safety Barrier Infrared beam sensor (optional)
Main Supply AC 110V / 220v , 60Hz / 50Hz
Electronic Controller Microcomputer based
Remote Controller UHF Digital PWM type
Temperature 0°C ~ +80°C
Date Title Type Download
2018-08-01 G-DC-M100 Product Catalog PDF