GBD-MEKA230BL : GIBIDI Heavy Duty Electromechanical Swing Arm

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Item Description
Use Condominium
Supply Voltage 220/230V-50/60Hz
Power Absorbed 150W (~1000N)
Current Absorbed 0.8A (~1000N)
Max. Power Absorbed 300W
Max. Current Absorbed 1.5A
Electric Motor 4 poles – 1400rpm
Thermic 140°C
Effective Travel 400mm
Max Thrust/Traction Force 3000N
Operating temperature -20°C +60°C
Protection Class IP 44
Frequency of Use (%) 40% (20°C)
Maximum Gate Length 3.5m
Limit Switch , 1-2-0
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2017-08-25 GDB-MEKA230BL Product Catalog PDF