IDG-312TAG : IDGARD Bluetooth Long Range Tag W Holder (Wiegand 26 Bit)

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Item Description
Functions Anti-jamming cpu electronic label, multi-lane automatic identi cation function (domestic initiative, the technology leader)
Extra Functions Advanced sleep wake-up, the low-power mode, ensure that the battery life of more than three years, leading technology , electronic tagsusing CDMA technology, to prevent the import and export of interference problems
Transmission Distance 1-15M
Dimensions 68 * 36 * 15mm (access cards can be attached to the back, more suitable for the card)
Fixed Memory 1Kbit
Random Memory 1Kbit
Password Memory 1kbit
Battery Life 50000 : real-time read and write (with a CDMA module)
Date Title Type Download
03-12-2018 IDG-312TAG Product Catalog PDF