PYN-COLT-10DL : PYRONIX Passive Infrared Sensor

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Optical & Range Features
Volumetric Coverage 90 degree, 56 zone and 5 planes
Maximum Range 10m
Optimal Installation Height 1.8-2.4m
Key Features
Animal Immune Up to 10KG
Digi Logic Technology Yes
Adjustable Sensitivity Yes
Tamper Protection Yes
Electrical Features
Operating Voltage 9-16VDC
Quiescent Current Consumption 15mA at 12V
Relay outputs SELV Limits, 60Vdc, 50mA (42.4Vac peak)
Tamper Switch 12V 50mA
Other Details
Operating|Storage Temperature -30°C to 70°C | -40°C to 80°C
Weight 58g
Dimensions 82mm x 50mm x 41mm
Warranty 5 Years
Electrical Conformity CE
EN50131 Grade 2
Environmental Class II
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2018-02-13 PYN-COLT-10DL Product Catalog PDF