RC-8 : RANGER 8 Monitoring Zone Control System

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Zones 8
Zones Types Entrance, Internal Delay, Internal, Burglary, 24-hour, Fire and Silent and Force arming.
Zone Connection EOL only
Keypad Support Numbers Up to 4 LED keypad with a miximum distance of up to 150m.
3 Quick Emergency Keys Fire, Medical, and Panic.
Arming Mode Home mode and Stay mode Support 1-key fast arming
PGM Output Numbers 1 fully programmable PGM (8 types)
Siren, Aux and PGM Output Power 12V
Siren, Aux and PGM Output Current 2.5A
Remote Telephone Guided Type Support remote arm/disarm, bypass zone and Check statuse
CMS Telephone Dial Out Support Support 2 CMS phone numbers and 1 account ID
Support Ademco Contact ID Format
Reporting Telephone Numbers 4
Access Code 1 Master code, 8 User codes (The 8th User access code used as duress code )
DC Input Power Supply AC 16-24V, 50Hz, 3A
Current Consumption 100 mA
Keypad Current Consumption 100mA
Backup Battery Type 12V, 7AH
Battery Cut-off Voltage 10.5V
Battery Charging Current 600mA
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