REL-SA06GE : ROSSLARE Wireless Remote Keypad

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Primary Power Use a primary lithium Battery: Energizer CR 123 or equivalent. 3.0 Volt 1300 mAh and compatible only
Extended Power To extend the battery life of the SA-06, there is an option to install two batteries in every keyboard. This will double the life of the SA-06 before you need to replace the battery
Low Battery The SA-06 wireless keyboard can detect
Detection When the local battery(s) are in low-balt condition and transmit this information to the panel to inform the user that replacement is necessary.This is done 2 weeks before the complete discharge of the battery
iButtion Reader The SA-06 can read iButton metallic code
Contact Keys on the integrated reader on its side and transmit the data by RF to the panel for ARMING and DISARMING the system. (Provided the code key is enrolled at the panel side).
Operating Temperature -5C to +50C
Operating Humidity Up to 95% Non-Condensing(max.)
Cover Tamper Switch Removal of Front Cover(Protected by case tamper switch)
Back Tamper Switch Removal of SA-06 from the wall.(Protected by rear tamper switch)
Supervisor The supervisory signal is routinely transmitted to the panel every 20 minutes, advising the Tamper Status, Battery Status and Event Activation Status
Current Consumption Standby: 20uA
Transmit: 30 mA/DUty Cycle 0.01%
Size 98mm x 50mm x 29mm
Weight 46 grams(3.2oz)
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2017-08-25 REL-SA06GE Product Catalog PDF