RG-AT30S-O : RANGER Swing Door System Operator With Push Arm-100KGS (Outward)

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Item Description
Power AC 220V / 110V
Open Angle 60 ~ 115 degree
Holding Time 0-20S ( Adjustable )
Lock Function Lock with rmeote / automatic lock
Remote Control Function Always open. lock, open one time
Anti-heavy Weight Func. Yes
Anti-hot Function Yes
Lock Force When Closing Adjustable
Dimension 600 x 85 x 110mm ( L x W x H )
Door Width 500 ~ 1200mm
Door Weight 100kgs ( Max )
Opening/Closing Speed 3 ~ 10s ( Adjustable )
Losing Buffering Func. Yes
Opening Buffering Func. Yes
Anti-Collision When Open Yes
Anti-Collision When Close Yes
Date Title Type Download
2019-04-22 RG-AT30S-O Product Catalogue PDF
2019-04-22 RG-AT30S-O User Manual PDF