G-RGA222 : RANGER Sliding Motor With Oil Bath (1800KGS)

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Item Description
Max. Weight of Gate 400kg per wing with force adjustable
Operating Voltage DC18V for normal speed, DC12V for ending speed
Driving Method Electro-mechanical crew driver piston type
Motor Output 15 watt per arm
Motr Amp. 2.1
Piston Displace 32cm
Piston Speed 2.9cm / sec
Opening Speed 90° (10-12 sec)
Backup battery 12 volt. 7AH rechargeable
Safety Clutch Electric current sensing using Hi-Amp Auto-Reverse
Safety Barrier Infrared beam sensor (Optional)
Electric Controller Micro-processor based
Temperature 0 to 80° C
Gear Box Three stages planetary reducer
Manual Operation Special released Key during power failure
Max Wrt of Gate 400kg per wing with force adjustable
Max Length of Gate 5 meter per wing
Date Title Type Download
2017-08-25 G-RGA222 Product Catalog PDF