STL-ACU-270: SATEL Miniature ABAX Wireless System Controller

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Interfacing with the control panels of INTEGRA and VERSA families (connection through the communication bus)
Support for up to 8 wireless keypads within the ABAX system (depending on the control panel)
Support for up to 248 APT-100 keyfobs (depending on the control panel)
Two-way encrypted radio communication in the 868 MHz frequency band
Up-to-date radio system
RS-232 TTL port to connect a computer, which makes controller firmware update possible without having to dismantle the controller
Tamper switch responding to the enclosure opening/separation from mounting surface
Compact enclosure for easy installation in a suitable place
Support for up to 48 wireless devices of the ABAX system Detectors: AFD–100, AGD–100, AMD–100,
AMD–101, AMD–102, AMD–103, APD–100,
APMD–150, AOD–200, AOCD–250, ARD–100,
ASD–110, ASD–150, ATD–100, AVD–100
Sirens: ASP–100 R, ASP–105 R, ASP–205 R
Other: ACX–200, ACX–201, ARF–100, ARU–100,
ASW–100 E / ASW–100 F
Programming the controller via the control panel by using Keypad in the service mode
DLOADX program
Supply Voltage 12 V DC
Enclosure Dimensions 26 x 112 x 29 mm
Operating Temperature Range -10 °C…+55 °C
Standby Mode Current Consumption 47 mA
Max.Current Consumption 75 mA
Weight 48 g
Maximum Humidity 93±3%
Operating Frequency Band 868,0 ÷ 868,6 MHz
Radio Communication Range (In Open Area) Up to 500m
Environmental Class According To EN50130-5 II
Complied With Standards EN 50130-4, EN 50130-5, EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3, EN 50131-5-3
Security Grace According To EN50131-3 Grade 2
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2018-03-20 STL-ACU-270 Product Catalog PDF

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