STL-CA-10P1KIT1 : SATEL 8+2 10 Zone Alarm Control Panel (KIT)

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Built–in 300 bps modem
Autodiagnostic features for basic system components
Event printing features
On–board switching mode power supply
Incoming call answering
16 Zones Support for NC, NO, EOL, 2EOL/NC and 2EOL/NO loop configurations
Flexible selection of zone function
Detector diagnostic tools
Programmable Outputs 6
Partitions 4
RJ Type Socket RS–232 port
System Operation LCD and LED keypads
Remote operation by telephone (with optional MST–1 module)
System Programming Local (LED keypad, PC connected to RS–232 port)
Remote (PC communicating via modem)
System Codes 4 master user code
28 user codes
1 service code
Timers 4
Event log 255
Monitoring using ContactID and other protocols 2 monitoring stations numbers
Messaging 8 telephone numbers, 1 voice message,4 text messages
Advanced Telephone Tone Analysis TBR–21 compliant tone detection
Intelligent redial attempts
Programmable dialing sequence
Control Panels 12 V DC
Low Current Programmable Outputs Rating 50 mA
High Current Programmable Outputs Rating 2200 mA
Power Supply Rating 2 A
Board Dimensions 173 x 102 mm
Operating Temperature Range -10…+55 °C
Main Board Supply Voltage (±15%) 18 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Satel CA 5 KIT Alarm Control Panel Included :
Alarm Control Panel (x1) STL-CA-10P
7ah Battery (x1) BATTERY-RGB7/12
LED Keypad (x1) STL-CA10KLED
Transformer (x1) TRANS-20V-2A
Metal Box  Alarm (x1) BOX-STL
Mini Magnetic Contact (x5) MC-OK109
Adjustable Vibration Sensor (x15) AC-M2/AC-M5
PIR Sensor (x1) NPC-PIR-1510
Siren Box With Tamper Switch (x1) AC-SB01T
Strobe Light (x1) AC-HS05(R)
Internal Siren (x1) AC-DS8
External Siren (x1) AC-DS4
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