STL-INTEGRA24 : SATEL Intruder Alarm Control Panel

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Up to 24 zones
4 partitions
Up to 20 programmable outputs
Keypads and expansion modules buses
Built-in telephone dialer with monitoring, voice messaging and remote control features
System operation with LCD keypads, partition keypads, keyfobs and proximity cards or remotely with mobile phone or PC
16 independent timers for automatic control
Access control and home automation features
Event log with 899 entries and event printing feature
16+1+1 users
Flash firmware upgrade with a PC
Built-in 1.2 A switching mode backup power supply with battery charging and diagnostic features
Mainboard supply voltage (±10%) 18 V AC, 50–60 Hz
Mainboard standby current consumption 121 mA
Mainboard maximum current consumption 204 mA
Power supply type, control panel A
Power supply unit voltage, nominal (±10%) 13.8 V DC
Output voltage range 10.5 V…14 V
Batt. failure voltage thr. (±10%) 11 V
Battery cut-off voltage (±10%) 10.5 V
Power supply load capacity 1.2 A
Load capacity, high-current programmable outputs (±10%) 2 A
Load capacity, low-current programmable outputs 50 mA
Load capacity, +KPD output (±10%) 500 mA
Load capacity, AUX output 500 mA
Load capacity, +EX output 500 mA
Battery charging current (±20%) 350 mA
Environmental class (EN50130-5) II
Operational temperature range -10°C…+55°C
Maximum humidity 93 ±3%
Electronics board dimensions (width x height) 142 x 106 mm
Weight 178 g
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