STL-INTEGRA256 : Alarm Control Panel Mainboard, From 16 to 256 Zones & Outputs, Compliant With The Grade 3 Standard

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Full compliance with the EN50131 series standards for Grade 3 devices</th.
Built-in advanced 2A+1.5A power supply with extended diagnostic functions
Support for up to 256 zones with a possibility to program parametric resistance and operate 3EOL lines (only mainboard zones)
USB port for programming by means of a PC
Possibility to divide the system into 32 partition and 8 object
Expandability up to 256 programmable outputs
Communication buses to connect keypads and expansion modules
Integrated phone communicator with reporting, voice messaging and remote function
System operation by means of LCD keypads, partition keyboards, keyfobs and proximity cards or remote control via computer or mobile phone
64 independent automatic control timers
Access control and home automation functions
Event log for 24575 events, with a printout function
Support for up to 230+8+1 users
Firmware update capability by means of a computer
Installer-defined text messaged 64
Extender circuits to 64
Environmental class according to EN50130-5 II
Voice messages 32
Communication buses 1+2
Maximum number of programmable inputs 256
Maximum number of programmable outputs 256
Maximum humidity 93±3%
Maximum current consumption from the battery 200 mA
Maximum current consumption from the 230V network 400 mA
Maximum battery charging current 1500 mA
Manipulators to 8
Weight 320 g
Battery cut-off voltage (±10%) 10,5 V
Power supply output voltage 10,5…14 V DC
Supply voltage (±15%) 20 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Battery failure voltage threshold (±10%) 11 V
Telephone numbers for notification (voice/PAGER + SMS)


Carrying capacity of the +EX1 and +EX2 outputs (±10%) 3000 mA
Low current programmable outputs rating 50 mA
High current programmable outputs rating 3000 mA
Carrying capacity of the +KPD output (±10%) 3000 mA
Event log 24575
Objects 8
Current consumption from the 230V network in standby 135 mA
Current consumption from battery – standby 130 mA
Security grade according to EN 50131 Grade 3
Partitions 32
Timers 64
Users + Administrators 240+8
Programmable wired inputs 16
Power supply current efficiency (supplying devices + charging batteries) 2000 + 1500 mA
Programmable wired outputs 16
Supplying outputs 3
Board dimensions 264 x 134 mm
Operating temperature range -10…+55 °C
Recommended transformer type 75 VA
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2018-03-20 STL-INTEGRA 256PLUS Product Catalog PDF

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