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Compliance with EN 50131 Grade 2
from 4 to 12 programmable wired outputs
2 power outputs on mainboard
Additional 4 wireless outputs for operating MSP-300 wireless sirens
Communication bus for connectiing keypads (PRF-LCD) and expansion modules (INT-E, INT-O, INT-ORS)
From 8 to 16 programmable wired zones selectable configuration: NO, NC, EOl, 2EOL,NO, 2EOL/NC
Support for roller shutter detectors / vibration detectors
Built-in modules GSM/GPRS with 2 SIM slots (SMS, reporting to monitoring station, mobile, application, PUSH notifications)
Voice (playback of voice messages for telephone messaging purposes)
Audio alarm verification (listening in)
Integrated radio module operating at 433 MHz and providing encrypted wireless communication two-way with PRF-LCD-WRD keypads and MSP-300 R sirens
one-way with MICRA family detector and MPT-350 keyfobs
System division into 2 partitions 3 detection modes in each partition
optional assignment if each zone to two partitions
user control or timer control option
System control by using keypads (up to 4): wired PRF-LCD or wireless PRF-LCD-WRL
PERFECTA CONTROL mobile application
Voice Messages 16
Event Log 3584
Partitions 2
Timers 8
Board Dimensions (mm) 160 x 110 mm
Operating Temperature Range -10…+55 °C
Supply Voltage (±15%) 18 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Standby Mode Current Consumption 220 mA
Max.Current Consumption 240 mA
Weight 115 g
Maximum Humidity 93±3%
Current Consumption From Battery-Standby 120 mA
Battery Failure Voltage Threshold (±10%) 11 V
Battery Cut-Off Voltage (±10%) 10,5 V
Environmental Class According To EN50130-5 II
Maximum Current Consumption From The Battery 180 mA
Programmable Wired Inputs 8
Programmable Wired Outputs 4
Maximum Number Of Programmable Outputs 16
Supplying Outputs 2
Communication Buses 1
Manipulators up to 4
Security Grade According To EN50131 Grade 2
Current-carrying capacity, AUX Output 500 mA / 12 V DC
Recommended Transformer 40 VA
Users 15
Current-Carrying Capacity Of KPD Output 500 mA / 12 V DC
Output Voltage Range 10,5 V…14 V DC
Battery Charging Current 500 mA
Power Supply Output Voltage 12 V DC ±15%
Telephone Numbers For Notification 8
Power Supply Output Current 2 A
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2021-02-03 STL-PERFECTA16-WRL Product Catalog PDF

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