STL-VERSA-MCU : SATEL Wireless System Controller

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Supports up to 30 MICRA system detectors
Supports 433 MHz pilots
Dedicated for VERSA central control panels
Programming the controller settings via a service menu of a DLOADX central control panel and its software
Device disassembly not required for software update
Can be installed in any convenient place thanks to its
small casing
Number Of Supported Remote Control Keyfobs 30
Supply Voltage 12 V DC
Enclosure Dimensions 24 x 110 x 27 mm
Operating Temperature Range -10 °C…+55 °C
Standby Mode Current Consumption 24 mA
Max. Current Consumption 29 mA
Weight 30 g
Maximum Humidity 93±3%
Environmental Class According To EN50130-5 II
Number Of Supported Wireless Detectors 30
Supported Keyfobs MPT-300, P-2, P-4, T-1, T-2, T-4
Supported Wireless Detectors MFD-300, MMD-300, MPD-300, MSD-300
Keyfob And Wireless Detector Operating Frequency Band 433,05 ÷ 434,79 MHz
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