STL-VERSA15 : SATEL 15 Zone Control Panel (Max 30 Zones)

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50131 security grade Grade 2
Max. number of zones programmable 30
Tamper input Yes
Max. number of wireless devices 30
Max. number of programmable outputs 12
ABAX wireless system compatibility yes
Number of user codes standard + installer 30+1
Partitions 2
Event log 2047
Timers 4
Max. number of LCD or LED keypads 6
Max. number of proximity card readers 6
Nominal supply voltage (±10%) 18 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power supply type A
Nominal power supply output voltage (±10%) 13,7 V DC
Power supply load capacity 2 A
High current programmable outputs load (±10%) 1,1 A
Low current programmable outputs load 50 mA
Max battery capacity 17 Ah
Environmental class II
Event printing No
Operating temperature range -10 °C…+55 °C
On-board zones 15
On-board programmable outputs 4
Supply outputs 2
Number of communication buses- keypads+expansion modules 1
Board dimensions (mm) 180 x 68
Telephone dialer Yes, built-in
Telephone line monitoring Yes (SIA, ContactID, other)
Telephone messaging Yes, 8 numbers, 64 text/ 16 voice messages
Support for GSM/GPRS communicators Yes
GPRS reporting support with additional module Yes
SMS messaging with additional module Yes, 64 messages
Support for TCP/IP communicators Yes
TCP/IP reporting with additional module Yes
E-mail messaging with additional module Yes
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