TW-VGA-EXT100-D : VHA & Audio Extender

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Easy Installation
Plung and play
Support DOS, WIN3.X, WIN95/98/98SE/2K/ME/XP/NT, Apple, MAC Linux, Netware, Unix operation systems and so on.
Video (VGA) and Audio extension simultaneously
Interface Type HDB15-F, RJ45, Audio DC3.5
Video Format VGA, SVGA,XGA, UXGA
Video Resolution 1920 x 1440 @60hz
Support Several Signal Source Computer, Laptop, Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Extension Distance 100meters
Power Adapter DC5V@1000mA
Installation Steps
Connect the Sender and signal source with one VGA (M-M) cable, and one DC3.5 audio cable
Connect the local VGA & Audio output in the Sender to the Monitor and earphone (Optional)
Connect the Receiver to the monitor and earphone
Connect the Sender and the Receiver with one CAT5E/6 cable
Power on the Sender and Receiver
Adjust with the screw driver in the Receiver to reach the best display effect (Optional)
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2018-10-01 TW-VGA-EXT100-D Product Catalog PDF