TWC-SP201POE : IDGARD Single Channel POE Surge Protector

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Specification Network Unit Power Unit
Nomina Working Voltage Un 5V 48
Max Continuous Operation Voltage Uc 6V 60
Max Discharge Current In (8/20μs) KA 3KA 5KA
5KA 10KA
Protection Level Up (10/700/μs) (L-L) 1-2 : <20V 4-5 : <110V
Insulation Resistance MΩ 0.4
Transmission Rate Vs 100M
Insertion Loss dB 0.5
Insertion Loosed dB ≤0.5
Bandwidth FG (0.3~12)M
Response time Ta 25ns
Response Time Ta 1ns
Protection Grade IP20
Dimensions (mm) 98x63x38mm
Case Material/th>

Lines Of Protection 2 pairs (1-2,3-6) 2 pairs (4-5,7-8)
Interface Type RJ45
Date Title Type Download
2019-01-17 TWC-SP201POE Product Catalog PDF