XA-061D : ALEPH 60M Photo Beam

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Detection Method Pulse code mark concidence from of infrared Beam
Coverage 60 m Outdoor
Max Coverage 600 m
Adjustable Range Vertical : ±5° Horizontal :±90° A Transmitter & a Receiver
Interruption Period 40m sec / 100m sec / 400m sec / 700m sec 4 stage by DIP switch
Number of Channel 4 Channel Interference Prevention
Supply Voltage DC10 – 28V Concerned with polarities
Consumption Current 85mA max Supply voltage 12VDC
Transmitter + Receiver Total
Alarm output Conditions When beam is shaded. When power supply voltage falls.
Rating DC30V 0.3A Photo MOS relay output la or 1b(selectable by switch) Resistive load. Output from alarm terminal that located on receiver
Indicator Red LED on (Alarm Condition) Located on the receiver. Cannot display when power off.
Optical Alignment Voltage level Insert the volmeters probe into the monitor jacks located on the receiver, and adjust for the max voltage
Alignment LED Red LED indicator ON, FLASH and OFF is chaged by receiver level ON/OFF by DIP switch
Buzzer alignment Large sound, small sound and mute is changed by received level ON/OFF by DIP switch
Tamper Switch Conditions NC Opens when Receiver’s cover is removed Output from tamper terminal that located on the Receiver
Rating DC30V, 0.3A Dry contact relay output
Power Indicator Green LED on when Transmitter is powered Located on the transmitter ON/OFF by DIP switch
Incidental function Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function
Spare terminal block:1 piece (located on the receiver)
Enviroment Temperature : -25°C ~ 55°C
Humidity : RH 95% max
Dimensions 234 (H) x 77 (W) x 83 (D) (mm) Cover : Black PC resin
Main unit : yellow ABS resin
Weight Transmitter : 520g
Receiver : 550g
Including a mounting bracket
Accessories Pole mounting brackets, hook, screws, installation instructions
Option article Cover with heater, Pole Cover, Pole
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2017-08-25 XA-061D Product Catalog PDF